TWO hotel Barcelona

Calabria 90-92

Phone: +34 93 539 23 13

TWO Hotel Barcelona, located in the Gayxample Barcelona with its own parking in the same building, has 87 beautiful rooms fully soundproofed with the highest level of service and equipment, reflecting a comfortable and distinguished atmosphere.

The new hotel rooms have been specially designed, equipped and decorated to create a modern and elegant environment with maximum comfort.

With a careful and exquisite design, our rooms offer king size beds, TV LED HDTV, universal smartphone chargers, complete soundproofing, free wi-fi and bathroom Axel amenities. All rooms have natural light and different views depending on their orientation.

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Burglary warning - LGTB pitfall

- Our cash was stolen from the closed safe of our room. Although a door blocker that wasn't there 3 hours before clearly indicated that somebody entered the room during our absence, and the safe code had been altered, the hotel manager remains adamant about the fact that it would be impossible, waiving any responsibility for the theft with system records showing that only our own keycards had been used to open the door, and arguing that only himself, the housekeeper and the maintenance manager know the universal code to open room safes. Bottom line, he is up till today insinuating that we would be lying, but is himself naïve enough to believe that burglars don’t know how to open doors without keys, and that no one of the above-mentioned managers could have inadvertently revealed the universal safe code to other staff members, as actually did the maintenance manager when he used that code as we were ourselves watching….. Up till today, the Axel Group direction doesn’t even appreciate that minimum goodwill compensations would be appropriate. - They are so actively hetero-friendly that LGTB eventually are becoming the minority; probably due to ambiguous marketing communication deliberately fooling the LGTB community in favour of an obvious need for urgent return on investment. - The water of the pool was disgusting; so full of mucus, semen and whatever that one could not even see the bottom ... - No wardrobe in the rooms, which obviously have not been "designed" to accommodate more than a one night stand, or a quickie.... - The open bathroom may be “design” but not functional at all, it’s indeed not easy to shave when the mirror isn’t hanging in front of the bathroom sink but perpendicular to it, and you got only two small hooks to hang 4 wet towels….

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49 Calabria 90-92, Barcelona - Spain


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