Vahine Island Private Resort

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Vahine island hotel is truly a piece of paradise. The waves crashing on the sand, palm trees swaying in the light ocean breeze and the sun just awaking for the day. The Vahine island hotel is a private island with private bungalow's placed on beautiful white sand beach.

What could be more secluded and romantic than a private bungalow? Nothing, that is why the hotel is truly the place for you and your partner. From the underwater coral gardens to the large coconut groves, this private resort has something for everyone.

The accommodations they offer beach front bungalows, deluxe beach suites and over water bungalows. Their facility includes three of each type of bungalows. The beach bungalow overlook the lagoon, complete with a hammock and an outdoor shower. The deluxe beach suite is a larger bungalow with a view of the coral garden. The over water bungalow is a unique experience, with a view into the lagoon. Each bungalow is made of local wood and decor stays with the island theme. Absolutely beautiful and most relaxing environment to spend your vacation.

The hotel offers amazing food as well. The chef is a French style, who is trained under stared chefs. The food is a blend between Polynesian and Mediterranean. Many customers rate the food as being some of the best food they have ever had the pleasure to enjoy. There is always house specialties, such as mango marmalade. However the most rated and recommended is their yogurt. Their yogurt is produced with local vanilla and fresh tropical fruit. It is said to be smooth and refreshing. You are also given the option if you would care to enjoy your breakfast, lunch or dinner on the white sand beaches overlooking the clear blue water. Dinner is always a candle lit dinner, a most romantic environment for you and your partner. Also the dinners have a different menu every night. So you enjoy more of the mouth watering meals. Which seems to be about the best way to enjoy such a delectable meal. The servers, Tahitian Lovelles, serve your food wearing traditional floral print.

The staff is specialized in many areas to help you enjoy whatever you and your partner may want to do. There's snorkeling in the coral garden, lagoon tours, visiting the pearl farm, motor boat tours, which are made just for two people. Perfect for a fun time with just you and your loved one. Maybe you want both want to just relax along the beach. The bar is open all day long with a bartender to service you. Or you may want a deep massage by one of their masseuses, which if you care to you can enjoy the massage on the white sand beach. The staff always has a pleasant attitude. You are greeted with a warm welcome. The staff is always accommodating and could not be more helpful.
The most highlighted part for me and is for most people is the seclusion. The bungalows are spaced far enough apart and the island is private you really have it all to yourself. Which allows you to really enjoy the moments more and get the feeling for the romantic environment.

So, take a break and enjoy a sunset along the coral reef. Come and relax with your partner. The Vahine island hotel is truly a piece of heaven. Ready for you to take in all they have to offer. There is a reason Vahine Island Resort received Travelers Choice of 2015. The island hotel is a favorite among couples and it is not hard to see why.

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