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The Brando in the South Pacific is a Delightful Luxury Vacation. For the vacation getaway of a lifetime for everyone who loves tropical beaches, The Brando is a must.
According to the actor Marlon Brando, Tetiaroa is the "tincture," or the concentrated essence, of the South Pacific. It'a small atoll which consists of a dozen small islands surrounding a lagoon. It's 30 miles northeast of Tahiti. Brando discovered Tetiaroa while filming "Mutiny on the Bounty," and bought it in 1966. It remained his private island residence until his death in 2004. In 1970 he hired Bernard Judge, an architect from Los Angeles, to build his home there without ruining the environment. He also established an environmental laboratory that protected sea birds and turtles until it was destroyed by a hurricane.


The resort opened in 2014. It's not for bargain seekers, but if you can afford it, you owe it to yourself to grab your partner and go.
Be prepared for a long trip by air. Tahiti is the largest island in French Polynesia. It's in the South Pacific, close to midway between Australia and Chile. It's a out just over 2,600 miles south of Hawaii. The only international airport in French Polynesia is Faa'a, just outside the capital city of Pape'ete. From there, you transfer to the lounge of the private terminal of Air Tetiaroa, the resort's own private airline. They own two 8-passenger planes by Britten Norman. After twenty minutes and a spectacular flight over across the deep blue South Pacific waters, you and your partner land on Tetiaroa itself. When you land, you're greeted by the manager and a singing, dancing welcome committee. It's a fun way to enter paradise.


You have your choice of one-bedroom, two-bedroom and three-bedroom villas. The resort has 30 of the one-bedroom, each of them over 1,000 square feet (96 square meters) in size. Each one blends into the environment so you can hardly tell the difference between outside and inside. The furnishings are made of wood and use earth tones to harmonize with sand. Each villa consists of a sitting room, a media room and the bedroom. You can sit and relax and share a bottle of something delicious. You can listen to music, watch a movie or use WIFI to check your emails. You're in the middle of the vast South Pacific, but not isolated from the Internet. You walk through the dressing area to your kingsize bed, though why anybody would want to sleep through this island utopia, I can't understand. Except, when you lie there, muscles pleasantly tired from swimming and snorkeling, and you listen to the crashing of the waves breaking over the reef, over and over, it's a rhythmical sound too pleasant to resist.


The bathroom contains an outside bathtub, hidden behind a wooden screen. This resort respects discretion and privacy. The deck leads to a small, private plunge pool. That's ideal for getting wet when you need a quick cool-off from sunbathing. Or you and your partner can enjoy lunch or a drink while seated around a small table underneath a thatched roof, enjoying the cool breeze off the ocean.
For serious swimming and beach combing, you want a short way out to the private beach. The water itself is pure and calm, and full of colorful tropical fish and coral formations. It's waist-high for a kilometer out to the breaker reef and pure turquoise in color.


If you go with a slightly larger group of friends or family, The Brando has four two-bedroom villas for rent. They contain all the amenities of the one-bedroom villas, with of course a second bedroom, plus a kitchen, a dining area and a table for six. The outside deck is even larger.
The three-bedroom villa is so large you feel as though you're living in your own private resort.


Staying at this resort includes use of a bicycle to make it easy to get around the entire island. And the resort holds numerous free tours and events to keep you busy having fun, out of and in the water. Discover the variety of tropical avian life on the bird discovery tour. On the Tetiaroa Ultimate Tour, you get to see the entire atoll in a comfortable boat. Or get around in a kayak or Polynesian outrigger canoe.
The resort shares the atoll with a team of biologists, and you can take a tour of their research station. You'll visit the nursery of baby sharks. They live in their own sheltered lagoon. Go scuba diving outside the reef or snorkeling. From July to October, you can watch whales.


Dine on French cuisine or Polynesian-inspired food at two restaurants. All fruits and vegetables are organically grown in the resort's own garden. At night, live it up at either Te Manu Bar or Bob's Bar. Or enjoy meals brought to you by the friendly room service.
At the Varua Polynesia Spa, you'll enjoy traditional Polynesian beauty treatments just as the ancient royalty of Tahiti did, combined with modern, holistic techniques to enhance your natural appearance. After you stay at The Brando, you'll be spoiled for all lesser hotels and resorts.

The Director, Silvio Bion, and his team are doing an amazing job in continuing supporting Marlon Brando will.

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