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A unique blend of medieval and Renaissance architecture, gay-friendly Château du Rivau is a beautifully restored French castle set in the heart of Touraine, 2H30 from Paris. Although one of the lesser-known Loire valley castles, thisFrench château seems to come straight out of a fairy tale, thanks to its imposing keep, protective drawbridge and glorious gardens. One can still discern its original square layout, typical of a 13th century fortified French castle.

Yet Château du Rivau is also one of the first ornamental castles to be built: its fireplaces, wide windows and frescos endow it with the harmonious style of a 16th century French château.

Originating in medieval stables, the Château du Rivau stables were completely re-modelled in the 16th century. 

The stables at Rivau are the most beautiful example of the architectural development of equestrian buildings. In contrast to medieval stables, which were purely functional and had no ornamental or aesthetic value, the royal stables at Rivau are remarkable as they are both decorative and functional, a first in equestrian architecture. 

In 1429 Joan of Arc came to Château du Rivau to fetch horses for her campaigns against the English. At that time, war horses were already being bred at the château, the castle stables being where the current outbuildings stand.'

Horses were at the centre of the lives of lords during medieval times. Therefore the scenography which has been created for the Rivau’s stables re-enacts the rich equestrian past of the castle and the pivotal importance of war horses for the Kings of France.

Le Rivau Rose gardens are labeled conservatory of the fragrant rose and displays a collection of more than 450 different kinds of roses. The rose of Le Rivau garden are not chosen for being old or new roses but because of their fragrance.

A castle wedding in France is like a fairytale come true... We will try to make your dreams come true so that you can have a real perfect gay wedding in the Loire Valley.Le Rivau is a perfect castle for a fairytale wedding. We have different rooms according to your dream and will do our best to make 

Gay friendly Castle Rivau has a great collection of Art from the middle ages to today. Every room is furnished with furniture of the time. Italian and Flemmish Fresco ornate the wall of some of the rooms fo the castle. Moreover the castle displays a very interresting collection of ceramics.

You’ll be able to see stunning exhibitions in the garden !

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