2 Gay Beaches in Tel Aviv-Yafo

Are you looking for a Tel Aviv gay beach that will get your motor running and your heart racing? Whether you travel for work or pleasure, you're bound to find the perfect beach for you when you have a few hours to spend.

The top beach in the area is Hilton Beach. Located next to the orthodox beach and the dog beach, Hilton really comes to life during Pride Season. You'll find thousands of people arriving just to celebrate and enjoy the parties and other local events, and some of that excitement spills over onto the beach. Even if you come during a different part of the year, you'll still find hundreds of gorgeous faces on the beach every day. Kick back on the white sandy Hilton Beach with a cold drink, or let your adventurous side take over and try your hand at scuba diving or snorkeling.

Would you rather visit a Tel Aviv gay beach that is a little wilder? You can't go wrong with Ga'ash. Though it takes a little longer to get there due to its proximity along the northern edge of the city, you'll find that the drive is definitely worthwhile. As one of the wildest beaches in the area, it's also one of the only nude beaches around too. When you're tired of seeing guys in tiny bathing suits teasing you about what they have underneath, you can head to Ga'ash and actually see what they have under their tiny swim trunks.

These two beaches represent some of the best beaches in Tel Aviv. The right one for you depends on your interests. Hilton Beach is a great place to people watch, and the exciting atmosphere of the beach appeals to many. You'll find that it has a convenient location near bars and restaurants too. As one of the area's only nude beaches, Ga'ash offers an even more exciting vibe. It takes around 35 to 40 minutes to drive to the beach, but you'll then need to park and walk a short distance to reach what some call the best Tel Aviv gay beach.

Hilton Beach

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Independance Park, 63405, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

Right under the Hilton hotel, in the north of the city, lies THE Tel Aviv gay beach, next to the dogs beach and next to the ort...

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