100 Gay Bars & Clubs in Berlin

Berlin is a hotspot for gay bars and gay club Berlin as well as parties. In Friedrichshain, the absolute most famous gay club Berlin is Panorama bar. On Saturday, it enlarges to become Berghain + Panorama bar with a highly selective entry policy, a warehouse feel, and classy DJ’s playing Hard House and Techno. A happening gay party is Propaganda @ Imperial Club, usually held the first Saturday of the month with two floors, one playing Pop and Charts, and one playing House and Electro. Revolver Party, a gay party that will make you sweat, is held the second Friday of the month.

Schoeneberg is gay and hot

Heile Welt is a gay bars Berlin cocktail bar with a small lounge. If you’re looking to cruise, Tom’s Bar is waiting with its famous darkroom in the basement, but be aware of the proactive and possibly embarrassing door policy. Prinzknecht has a nice street terrace, and is one of the most popular gay bars Berlin. Hafen is an established gay club Berlin with rich decorations and dark corners of candlelight for keeping secrets

Prenzlauer Berg is a gay place to be

Barenhohle is happy to see a Bear come into this smoking allowed neighbourhood bar. Perle is quite stylish, and is open until 4:00 on the weekends. Schall und Rauch is a gay-owned institution in gay bars Berlin. It has a café/restaurant/bar and 29 budget rooms for the convenience of drinking and bedding rolled into one.

Mitte is for gay partying

Betty F*** Bar is small and packed to the rims on the weekends. It opens during the week at 16:00. Saturday and Sunday they open later so you can party all night. You will be dazzled by the queer and outrageous parties at gay club Berlin including Chantals House of Shame @ Bassy Club and GMF @ Café Moskau-Avenue club, which possibly is one of the best gay parties around, has a 10 € entry, and plays House/Electro and Pop/R 'n' B.

Kreuzberg + Neukölnn is full of gay

BarbieBar is drag queen gay bars Berlin heaven with a Barbie chandelier you have to see. Möbel-Olfe is one of the gay bars Berlin. Schwuz is a former brewery turned sociocultural centre for gays and lesbians. Weekends feature different music styles advertised well in advance.

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