Insider Tips São Paulo: A gay kind of heaven

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Insider Tips São Paulo: A gay kind of heaven

by: Saverio

Renato and his husband Matheus welcome you to São Paulo! Enjoy everything this gay city can offer: there's something for everybody. Here's their selection of restaurants, bars and events to enjoy the city, its vibrant nightlife and to stay like a gay local.


What makes your city a favorite gay destination?

São Paulo is considered one of the gay capitals of the world. It has hundreds of gay establishments for all types of gay crowds and also tons of gay-friendly places to dance, eat and drink. It also has one of the biggests gay parades in the world.


What's the best gay event that takes place in your city?

Definitely the Gay Parade culminating event of the São Paulo Gay Week: it's one of the biggest pride parades in the world.

What's your favorite gay establishment to grab a bite for lunch? A nice dinner?

Athenas, Ritz or Spot.


Best gay bar for a cheap beer?

I recommend Bar da Loca and Bar do Netão, also because of their very cool crowds. 


Best gay bar for a refreshing cocktail?

Spot, Igrejinha or Kouzina.


We're ready to party. What are the best gay clubs?

There are plenty of options for all types of crowds. The Week is the most famous and is a must-go on Saturdays for those who like circuit-like parties.

Lots of alternative parties happen every weekend and they are very gay or gay-friendly. We usually follow them on Facebook events to check how many people are going. I can name some: Capslock, Mamba Negra, ODD, Popporn, Dando, Selvagem...


Which gay bar offers the best happy hour?

Boteco do Massay is the best gay place for a Wednesday night. The sound there is “Sertanejo” (Brazilian country music).

Where to start a gay tour in your home city?

At Paulista Avenue, walk to Rua Frei Caneca and give a chance to Frei Caneca, the gayest mall in town!


Best place to hang out with the local gays?

We have some key neighborhoods to stay in depending on the crowd you prefer having around you: Pinheiros, Vila Madalena is an artsy, bohémian neighbourhood where an alternative crowd always hangs out.

Jardins and Itaim are very gay-friendly and fancy neighborhoods. Consolação and Bela Vista are especially popular among young people and tourists. At Rua Frei Caneca; República and Arouche are the areas where the more mature gay community gathers.

Praça Benedito Calixto on Saturdays evening (around 17:00). There's a flea market every Saturday and the bars around it get crowded with local gays for drinks.


How gay-friendly is your home city?

Very gay-friendly, especially if you stay around Paulista Avenue/Downtown.


A gay place for brunch on weekends?

How about Galeria dos Pães or Bella Paulista? They both have friendly staff and you can get savoury or sweet Brazilian delicacies for fair prices. 


Finally, what is gay life like in São Paulo?

Vibrant! There are so many options of what to do for every day of the week. The city is huge, so gays from all over the country come here to have fun.

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