Insider tips Oslo: No discrimination - just love!

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Insider tips Oslo: No discrimination - just love!

by: Saverio

Alexander and Alessandro invite you one of the most progressive cities in the world. Small but open and welcoming Oslo holds no prejudice and you will surely be entertained. Check out our hosts' tips about its night life and feel welcome.


What makes your city a favorite gay destination?

Oslo must have some of the, if not THE most open, liberal and gay-friendly people in the world. That would be the biggest reason for gay people to come here.    


What is the best gay event that takes place in your city?

The best gay event in Oslo is The Pride Festival, which takes place from 23rd of June to 2nd of July. Oslo Pride Parade is 1st of July. 


What is your favorite gay establishment to grab a bite for lunch? a nice dinner?

The bar and restaurant «Ett glass» is a well-known place for gays to eat – both breakfast, lunch and dinner. Late night is really good for just having drinks. The bar and restaurant has a cozy and modern feeling to it. 


Best gay bar for a cheap beer?

At London Pub beer is cheaper if you buy it on Mondays or before nine o'clock from Tuesday to Sunday. It would cost 52 NOK (full price for a beer is over 70 NOK).


Best gay bar for a refreshing cocktail?

Cesar and Ett Glass. Cesar is the newest gay bar in the city. Both are 5-6 minutes walk from our apartment. 


Which famous gay person is from your city?

We only have gays that are known in Norway only (probably), including music artist Tooji, comedian Robert Stoltenberg, TV-personality Jan Thomas, investor Stein Erik Hagen, TV-host Sturla Berg-Johansen. Just to name a few.


Ready to go dancing--what is the best gay dance club?

In our opinion the best gay club in the city is Elsker. A three-story nightclub with different DJ on each floor. It's the biggest gay club in the city is spacious. Elsker is usually the club chosen by young people (20-35 yo). However, it costs 100 NOK to get it (+30 NOK for wardrobe) and the queue is often long after midnight. So make sure to be there early! London Pub is a cheaper alternative. There is no entrance fee and short queue but the space is limited. You will find an older clientele at London Pub


Which gay bar offers the best happy hour on a Wednesday?

London Pub thanks to the cheap beer and the billiard table.


Where to start a gay tour in your home city?

No good answer here. Depends on what you like and what your interests are.


Best place to be surrounded by the local gays?

The gay pubs and nightclubs.


How gay-friendly is your home city?

Oslo is very gay-friendly. You will probably not find a more gay-friendly city in the world. We have never experienced discrimination here.


A gay place for brunch on weekends?

Bar and restaurant «Ett glass». 


What is gay life like in Oslo?

It’s a life with no worries, no discrimination - just love.


What are your favourite gay venues in Oslo?

Oslo is quite small, so there is no specific gay venues. All the gay bars and clubs are near Kristian IVs gate with walking distance from each other.


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